Victoria Beckham Edition Evoque

When it comes to style and exclusivity, there are few vehicles on the market that can compare to the Victoria Beckham Edition Range Rover Evoque. Only 200 of these bespoke models will be built, and only five of those 200 will make it to the U.S. There are two of these vehicles for sale in California, one in Texas, one in Florida and one right here at our Range Rover dealership in New Hampshire! That’s right, you can buy a Victoria Beckham Edition Range Rover Evoque right here!

So what makes this vehicle so special and desirable? To start, this model was built to Victoria Beckham’s precise specifications, which means unique hand-finished matte Stornoway Grey paint, Santorini Gloss Black exterior accents and judicious use of rose gold that makes this vehicle absolutely pop. But this story continues on the inside. The seats sport bold, hand-finished baseball stitch seats, and rose gold accents adorn the center console. Each Victoria Beckham Edition Evoque also comes with a matching four-piece luggage set to complete the package.

We’re incredibly happy to have one of these incredible models at our New Hampshire Range Rover dealership. Stop by and check it out today while you still have a chance, or check out the photo gallery below.