Land Rover has just released a new TV commercial that is unusually inspiring. You won’t see any Land Rover vehicles on the screen, and you won’t have to listen to the usual list of features you expect from car commercials. Instead, four agile parkour practitioners move in slow-motion across rough terrain with the same agility a Land Rover would.

For anyone not familiar with parkour, it is a training discipline that originated in France to tackle obstacle courses. With both military and civilian applications, its philosophy is quite simple: move from A to B in a straight line and negotiate any obstacle in the way as efficiently as possible. Land Rover follows the same “Roam Free” spirit in the way it designs vehicles that can move just as easily on- and off-road.

The latest example is the Range Rover Sport: a luxury SUV that is equally refined and capable of tackling tough unpaved routes. For drivers who enjoy the challenge, this is a great vehicle to test on mountain roads and unpaved terrain all across New England. Come to our Land Rover dealership in Scarborough, Maine, and experience free roaming from the comfort of a classy Range Rover Sport.