Jaguar F-TYPE exterior

Jaguar’s 2014 F-TYPE Revives the British Sports Car Tradition


During the British Invasion in the 1960′s, music charts were dominated by The Beatles, The Who and The Rolling Stones, James Bond was the epitome of charisma, and the Jaguar E-Type was launched. Enzo Ferrari called it “the most beautiful car ever made,” and this superb work of art and engineering was produced for more than a decade. After a long hiatus, Jaguar has introduced its successor, the all-new 2014 Jaguar F-TYPE, into the U.S. market to the roaring soundtrack of a supercharged engine. Welcome back!

It is now “Your Turn,” Jaguar says to America; an invitation to experience the new generation of the quintessential British sports car. The F-TYPE is available in three impressive trims. The 3.0-liter V6 Supercharged engines yield 340 horsepower in the base model and 380 in the F-TYPE S. Leading the pack is a 5.0-liter V8 Supercharged that generates a phenomenal 495 horsepower. But brute power alone is not what distinguishes a Jaguar sports car from the competition. The F-TYPE exterior design is clean and pulls from its predecessor’s timeless look while appearing refreshingly modern with its large four-sided front grille, bold lines and distinctive J-Blade LED headlights.

Precise handling is made possible by a host of technological features and aerodynamic design elements. Aluminum body panels and suspension help the F-TYPE shed weight and squeeze more speed out of the engine, while a hidden rear spoiler, high performance brakes and a limited slip differential allow drivers to keep the powerful engines firmly bridled. The plush interior also conveys a feeling of calmness and control. A low seating position makes drivers feel connected to the road, and an 8-inch touch screen serves as the command center for audio, navigation and connectivity.

Winter Mode is an added standard bonus that will satisfy the needs of New England drivers, adjusting gear changes and throttle response in slippery conditions for improved traction. Now you can test-drive the 2014 Jaguar F-TYPE, already available at our Maine Jaguar dealership. Take your turn!

Range Rover installation

2013 Range Rover Shows Off Lightweight Frame on a NYC Sculpture

Range Rover installation

With its large number of modern and classic art museums and constant flow of exhibits, New York City is definitely on the cutting edge of the art scene. Starting this Thursday, June 6, a new sculpture will be unveiled in the Meatpacking District and will remain on display until Sunday. What’s really unusual is the element being featured: a 2013 Land Rover Range Rover tilted at a 45-degree angle on a towering metal structure.

This project was conceived in collaboration with Architectural Digest magazine and New York designer Hollwich Kushner (owner of design firm HWKN.) The installation is called Climbing Up, representing the Range Rover’s ability to ascend through steep and uneven terrain. Inspiration for the design came directly from the Range Rover styling and new aluminum body, so the same metal was used to build the sculpture.

Land Rover released the fourth generation of its flagship Range Rover model last fall, and the new version is considerably improved. By using an all-aluminum body frame, the 2013 Range Rover is roughly 700 pounds lighter than the previous model. This has a profound impact on speed, handling and fuel efficiency. Now the 3.0-liter LR-V6 supercharged engine can let loose all its 340 horsepower without being encumbered by the extra weight of a conventional SUV steel frame.

If you want to experience how well the 2013 Land Rover Range Rover performs, come to our Maine Land Rover dealership in Scarborough, Maine, and test-drive one of our new models. Land Rover is taking the luxury SUV benchmark to new heights.


Chevrolet Spark EV Ignites Expectations with Market-Leading Efficiency










Looking to build on the momentum of its Chevy Volt extended-range electric vehicle, which saw its sales triple year-over-year in 2012, Chevrolet will launch its new plug-in Spark EV subcompact in California and Oregon this summer. The automaker recently announced that the Chevy Spark EV will be the most efficient electric vehicle on the retail market, offering an EPA rating of 119 MPGe in combined city and highway driving and a range of up to 82 miles.

Chevrolet has designed the Spark EV to eliminate some of the barriers to entry that have dissuaded buyers from electric vehicles in the past. An optional combination charger can replenish the battery to 80 percent capacity in just 20 minutes, while a supercar-like 400 pound-feet of torque from the Spark EV’s electric motor helps the car go from zero to 60 mph in less than eight seconds. Though other electric vehicles can come with a premium price tag, the Spark EV will cost buyers less than $25,000 after they take advantage of a $7,500 federal tax credit.

“Chevy’s Volt has done a lot to take electric vehicles closer to the mainstream, and the latest technology in the Spark EV shows that the automaker is committed to the long-term success of the market,” said Jeanette Downing, general manager of Goodwin Chevrolet Brunswick, a Maine Chevy dealer. “Who would have thought just a decade ago that we would be seeing vehicles with the equivalent of triple-digit fuel economy? We don’t yet know when and if the Spark EV will go on sale in Maine, but it will be an excellent complement to the Volt.”

In late March, the Chevrolet Volt was named a top compact vehicle for commuters by AAA Auto Buying experts, who lauded the car’s ability to change between gas and electric modes as drivers switch from the highway to city streets on their way to work. J.D. Power and Associates has also now ranked the Volt as having the Highest Ranked Vehicle Appeal in its Compact Car category for two years in a row, with owners responding to its impressive fuel economy, modern design, top safety rankings and smooth handling.

The Chevy Volt was the best-selling plug-in car in the United States in 2012, moving 23,461 units. That tally put the model far ahead of its closest competitor, the Nissan LEAF, which sold about 9,800 units last year. Sales of the Volt remain solid in 2013, rising 8 percent in the first quarter compared to the same time period in 2012.

“Charging the Chevy Volt costs its owners less than $2, while Spark EV owners are expected to save up to $9,000 in fuel costs in five years,” added Downing. “Those savings alone are enough to make many buyers seriously consider an electric vehicle, but they get so much more because Chevy has ensured that its EVs provide features and performance that closely match what conventional models offer.”

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