2013 Range Rover

Range Rover did an amazing job redesigning the 2013 Range Rover to more closely align with the values of modern luxury-SUV shoppers, and their efforts are paying off big time. MotorWeek recently named the new 2013 Range Rover its Best Dream Machine in the annual 2013 Drivers’ Choice Awards, recognizing the model’s unmatched levels of performance, luxury and versatility.

The first luxury SUV to feature an all-aluminum unibody chassis, the redesigned Range Rover is roughly 700 pounds lighter than the vehicle it replaces. That means greater fuel economy and handling, while retaining the off-road and all-weather prowess that Range Rover drivers have come to rely on. We call that a win-win situation.

Want to see how the Range Rover is raising the bar for luxury SUVs? Visit our NH Range Rover dealership and we’ll show you.