2013 Range Rover towing

While the new 2013 Range Rover may be some 700 pounds lighter than the model it replaced, that doesn’t mean it has sacrificed any capability. In fact, the new Range Rover still leads the class in towing capacity, and Land Rover was keen to show off that stat by using a 2013 Range Rover to tow a new Slipstream trailer from England to the top of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco – and back.

The trip covered more than 3,760 miles and covered a diverse range of road conditions, from paved highways to back roads, and weather conditions including high winds that wreaked havoc on other vehicles’ towing trailers, including semi-trucks. Though the trip was rarely simple, it was always smooth thanks to the Range Rover’s sophisticated suspension and advanced towing systems that take the stress out of hauling large loads. Also, with the luxury SUV’s infotainment system, drivers could stay connected with the world no matter where the road took them.

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