Range Rover installation

With its large number of modern and classic art museums and constant flow of exhibits, New York City is definitely on the cutting edge of the art scene. Starting this Thursday, June 6, a new sculpture will be unveiled in the Meatpacking District and will remain on display until Sunday. What’s really unusual is the element being featured: a 2013 Land Rover Range Rover tilted at a 45-degree angle on a towering metal structure.

This project was conceived in collaboration with Architectural Digest magazine and New York designer Hollwich Kushner (owner of design firm HWKN.) The installation is called Climbing Up, representing the Range Rover’s ability to ascend through steep and uneven terrain. Inspiration for the design came directly from the Range Rover styling and new aluminum body, so the same metal was used to build the sculpture.

Land Rover released the fourth generation of its flagship Range Rover model last fall, and the new version is considerably improved. By using an all-aluminum body frame, the 2013 Range Rover is roughly 700 pounds lighter than the previous model. This has a profound impact on speed, handling and fuel efficiency. Now the 3.0-liter LR-V6 supercharged engine can let loose all its 340 horsepower without being encumbered by the extra weight of a conventional SUV steel frame.

If you want to experience how well the 2013 Land Rover Range Rover performs, come to our Maine Land Rover dealership in Scarborough, Maine, and test-drive one of our new models. Land Rover is taking the luxury SUV benchmark to new heights.